Welcome to my commissions!


Here you will find all you need to know before request me a commission! ^^

◇ Terms and conditions ◇

◇ Before starting the order, I need you to tell me specifically how you want the commission (taking into account your budget and the price list). (give me references and examples).◇ The price may vary depending on the complexity.◇ Let me know up front if the commission is needed before a certain date. ( very close delivery dates will have an extra charge ).◇ I reserve the right to decline a commission.◇ If the sketch is approved no will there refunds.◇ I'll be sending you progress updates via DM.◇ Once the commission is finished, you will be notified by DM and will ship it in a google drive link.◇ There will be no refunds if you want something completely different at the end.◇ I reserve the right to publish the commission if I wish.◇ The prices are in USD.◇ Only Paypal ( I may do an exeption if you are living in México).◇ Before starting with the commission the payment must be made in full ( I will not start work until payment has been made ).◇ The request can take from a week to more than a month, depending on the complexity and your turn on the list.◇ If I have any delay in your order for any reason I will let you know.◇ I own all artwork unless royalties are paid (this means I can print, sell or use the artwork as a promotion for myself).

Please read these terms and conditions carefully to avoid misunderstandings or any problem.

What I'll draw:

- Oc's
- Any character (fanart)
- Mechas / cyborgs
- Vehicles
- Light gore

What I'll not draw:

- Explicit fetish / gore
- political topics
- controversial things
- Realism


Full body prices:

◇ Full color: $90
◇ Flat Color: $70
◇ Line (black and white): $60
(NSFW ver. : + $15)
(Mechas/Robots/Cyborgs: + $25)
(Extra character: + [price] - $10)


Knees up body prices:

◇ Full color: $80
◇ Flat Color: $60
◇ Line (black and white): $50
(NSFW ver. : + $10)
(Mechas/Robots/Cyborgs: + $20)
(Extra character: + [price] - $10)


Bust prices:

◇ Full color: $55
◇ Flat Color: $40
◇ Line (black and white): $25
(Mechas/Robots/Cyborgs: + $15)
(Extra character: + [price] - $5)



Flat color: + $0
Personalized design: + $10
Basic scene: + $25
Complex scene: + $50 (can vary)


If you didn't match with anything you just saw you can send me a DM ^^